Giving Birth at PRMC



The Labor & Delivery Unit is located on the fourth floor of the Medical Center's South Tower on Vine Street. Access to the Birthing Center is located through Hanna Outpatient entrance from 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Upon entry, take Elevator F to the fourth floor. After 7 p.m., please enter through the Emergency Department walk-in entrance, located directly across from our Visitor Parking Garage.

Patients receive both outpatient and inpatient care for normal and high risk conditions before, during and after delivery. Each patient room serves as a labor, delivery and immediate recovery room, keeping the mother comfortable in one location prior to her transfer to the Mother/Baby area. The unit is secured for infant protection, and visitors are limited to two at a time.

An adjacent testing area is available for those requiring outpatient services. The unit also contains a well-equipped surgical area to provide surgical delivery and recovery on site.

Board-certified obstetricians manage high-risk pregnancies utilizing the wide range of services available at Peninsula Regional. In addition, a perinatologist, in consultation with an obstetrician, provides maternal/fetal consultations for pregnancies complicated by medical problems. Dedicated, certified nurse-midwives are on site to assist with the delivery of your baby.

At Peninsula Regional Medical Center, we believe skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth is so important.That’s why each new mom has a dedicated newborn nurse who will complete the newborn assessment and routine procedures without breaking the bond between between mom and baby. 

Call 410-543-4790 for Labor & Delivery tour information.

Peninsula Regional Medical Center is pleased to partner with Chesapeake Health for compassionate labor and delivery services. If you have a doula, they are welcome to join you.