Specially trained pediatric physicians and nurses deliver a healthy dose of compassion with the medical care they provide our young patients.  We've blended a comfortable atmosphere with a skilled team to provide the proper care our kids need to facilitate a quick recovery. 

Children's National Medical Center pediatric hospitalists (hospital-based pediatricians) are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and every day of the year at Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

These doctors, working closely with the Medical Center's outstanding clinical teams to privide patient-centered, family-first care in Peninsula Regional's Pediatric Unit, are also close by for consultation on any pediatric illnesses or injuries needing immediate attention in PRMC's Emergency/Trauma Center. 

Our goal is for every child to stay healthy and not need hospitalization. To help families manage their child's asthma, educational resources are available:

Allergies and Asthma (English) (Spanish)

Asthma Friendly Cleaning Options (English)

Asthma Management at Daycare (English)

Asthma Triggers at School (English)

Colds and Flu (English) (Spanish)

Facts about the Flu and Asthma (English) (Spanish)

HEPA Filter Information (English)

Mold and Asthma (English) (Spanish)

No Pets Sign (English) (Spanish)

No Smoking Sign (English) (Spanish)

Pests and Asthma (English) (Spanish)

Pets and Asthma (English) (Spanish)

Safe Sleeping Zone (English) (Spanish)

Smoking and Asthma (English) (Spanish)


Medication and Device Instructions (PDF)

How to Use a Diskus (English) (Spanish)

How to Use a Twisthaler (English) (Spanish)

How to Use an Inhaler and Spacer (English) (Spanish)

How to Use an Inhaler and Spacer with Mask (English) (Spanish)

Priming and Care of Devices (English)

Why Use an Inhaler? (English) (Spanish)


Related Information (PDF)

Asthma and Your Lungs (English)

 Asthma Guide for Patients and Families: (English) (Spanish)

Family Goals for Managing Asthma (English) (Spanish)

Signs of an Asthma Flare-Up (English) (Spanish)