Same Day Surgery is located on Vine Street, directly across from the Center City Exxon Mini-Mart.  Please look for the overhead sign "Same Day Surgery/Labor Delivery Entrance".  You may park in the parking lot next to Same Day Surgery or in the gravel lots directly across from the entrance.  Upon entering, please go to the large, glassed-in waiting room to your right, and check in with the Same Day Surgery receptionist.

Once you have been escorted to your Same Day Surgery room, you will be asked to change into a hospital gown.  Your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and respirations will be taken.  An IV may be started in your arm or hand prior to surgery.  This IV will provide hydration and medications to you during your stay.

For your safety you be will be asked to wear an ID band.  Do not remove it.  You may be asked the same questions multiple times during your stay for identification purposes.

Your surgeon, anesthesiologist and certified registered nurse anesthetist will meet with you prior to your surgery and review any questions that you may have.  In addition, your surgeon will be asked to mark and/or initial the spot on your body to be operated on. You will then be taken into the operating room to have your surgery.  In the operating room your heart rate, blood pressure, pulse and respirations will be continuously monitored during the surgery.