Lung Cancer

The thoracic oncology program at the Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute offers a multidisciplinary approach targeted at the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. 

Each week, a multidisciplinary team of thoracic surgeons, pulmonologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and nurses evaluate patients with possible lung cancer. At the end of the day, the team convenes to develop individualized evaluation and treatment plans for each patient. This team approach means the patient receives diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible and in collaboration with experts from a variety of specialties. 

For those who believe they may be at risk of developing lung cancer, the Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute offers a low-dose CT lung screening program. You may be eligible if you are age 55-77, are currently smoking or have quit in the last 15 years, or have a cigarette smoking history of at least 30 pack years (the number of packs per day multiplied by the number of years you smoked). To find out if you are eligible for lung cancer screening, call 410-543-7551.

To learn more about our Institute, call 410-543-7012 or 1-866-922-6237.


Breast Cancer

At the Peninsula Breast Center, located at 804 Snow Hill Road in Salisbury, women can undergo everything from the latest 3D mammography to breast biopsy procedures to surgical consultations in one central location. 

State-of-the-art technology is used to aid in early detection, and with all specialists under one roof, the amount of time between exam and results is greatly reduced.

Those who are diagnosed with cancer benefit from a weekly Multidisciplinary Breast Conference -- the only one of its kind in the area. Here, experts from the major cancer disciplines -- including breast surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and reconstructive surgeons -- collaborate to recommend the best care plan for each patient.

Every step of the way, breast patient navigators are there to help. From answering questions about a patient's diagnosis and treatments to helping to schedule appointments, they are there to assist.

Catch breast cancer early. Schedule your annual mammogram today and perform self-exams at least once a month. Here’s how:

  1. Lie down on your back with a pillow under your right shoulder. 
  2. Use the pads of the three middle fingers on your left hand to examine your right breast. 
  3. Press using light, medium and firm pressure in a circular motion and follow in an up-and-down pattern. 
  4. Feel for changes in your breast, above and below your collarbone and in your armpit area. 
  5. Repeat on your left breast. 
  6. If you notice a change, call your doctor.

To learn more about the Peninsula Breast Center, or to schedule your annual mammogram, call 410-543-7599 or 1-866-922-6237.


Prostate Cancer

Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men with 1 in 7 men diagnoses with prostate cancer during his lifetime.

At the Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute, prostate cancer patients may attend a multidisciplinary prostate cancer clinic, where they will be evaluated by a urologist, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist all in a single visit, eliminating the need for multiple separate appointments. A coordinated treatment plan will be devised with input from all specialists.

The Institute also offers the most advanced minimally invasive surgical technique for treating prostate cancer featuring the daVinci Surgical System Robot. This new alternative to open radical prostatectomy provides surgical precision, faster recovery, less pain and a reduced incidence of impotency and urinary incontinence.

For more information, call 410-543-7006 or 1-866-922-6237.


Gynecological Cancer

The Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute offers a multidisciplinary approach in which the entire team is available for our patients, including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, patient navigators, nutritionists, an exercise specialist and a clinical social worker.

Thanks to a collaboration with Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Dr. Dwight Im, the Medical Director of the Gynecologic Oncology Center at Mercy, brings his years of experience and surgical expertise treating women’s reproductive cancers to the Delmarva Peninsula. 

Dr. Im is a highly rated gynecologic oncology surgeon who focuses on the patient's whole cancer journey, from diagnosis and treatment to recovery and support.

For more information, call 410-860-5311 or 1-866-922-6237.


Gastrointestinal Cancer

The Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute offers the direct access colorectal screening program, which allows patients and their physicians a more streamlined approach for scheduling a colonoscopy.

If you’re at average risk for colorectal cancer, start getting screened at age 50, and continue to be screened every 10 years. If you’re at higher risk, you may need to start regular screening at an earlier age and be screened more often.

For more information, call 410-543-7006 or 1-866-922-6237.


Other Cancers

At the Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute, you are not alone; we help you navigate your diagnosis.  When it comes to treatment, surgeons, radiation oncologists, and medical oncologists work together to create a plan tailored to each individual patient.  

For more information, call 410-543-7006 or 1-866-922-6237.