Welcome to the Richard A. Henson Research Institute at Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC). 

Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) utilizes an internal Research Review Committee (RRC) to review and grant preliminary approval for research conducted at PRMC.  This is not Institutional Review Board oversight, but a committee appointed by PRMC to ensure research studies meet the mission and goals of PRMC.

 Peninsula Regional Medical Center outsources Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval and oversight responsibilities in a contractual relationship with Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB) www.wirb.com and Copernicus Group Independent Review Board (CGIRB) www.cgirb.com. If you desire to have PRMC provide IRB oversight utilizing one of its IRB partners, please be advised there are fees which will be incurred by the principal investigator for use of these services. Fee schedules are available on the websites of each of the respective IRBs.

To the right you will find valuable information, forms & instructions to help navigate PRMC’s Research Review Committee approval process.  Please contact The Research Office at (410) 543-7285 or research@peninsula.org if you have any questions.