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USA Today has a new article about a case in Arizona where a newborn was born in a bathroom and tossed out a window. The baby lived, but could have avoided harm - and the mother could have avoided criminal charges - if the mom had taken advantage of Safe Haven laws. Like Arizona, Maryland is a Safe Haven state. That means you can leave your baby, up to 10 days old, with any responsible adult, hospital or another designated location in Maryland. Peninsula Regional Medical Center is one official, safe place where babies can be brought and turned over without question. You must find a responsible adult to give the baby to, but you do not have to give any personal information.  If possible, staff will record any information that a parent is willing to share, such as the child's health, race, date of birth, place of birth or parents' medical history. This could be very useful in caring for the child. No baby in Maryland needs to be abandoned. Visit the Maryland Safe Haven website if you need more information.