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Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) in Salisbury, Maryland was one of just nine Maryland hospitals to earn Consumer Reports' highest overall rating in the magazine's first ever evaluation on how well patients fared during and after surgery. The study involved 2,463 hospitals in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Using Medicare claims data from 2009-2011, Consumer Reports grouped the 86 most common surgical procedures in to more than two dozen different categories. The hospitals were rated on two major outcomes: death at the hospital after surgery and a longer, risk-adjusted stay in the hospital than expected. The ratings, released July 31 and to appear in the September issue of the magazine, were done on a five point scale ranging from better (the best possible rating) to worse. PRMC received an overall "better" rating for the 27 different categories of scheduled surgeries as well as individual ratings in five key categories including coronary angioplasty, carotid artery surgery, back surgery, hip replacement and knee replacement. In all five of the key surgical procedures, PRMC experienced significantly fewer adverse effects and complications than predicted. Patients experienced 32% fewer complications during and after knee replacement surgery; 4% less with hip replacement, 19% fewer complications following back surgery, 47% less during and after coronary angioplasty and 49% fewer complications associated with carotid artery surgery. "We're honored that yet another independent, outside observer recognizes that the physicians and staff at PRMC dedicate themselves on a daily basis to focusing on quality, safety, attention to detail, innovation, and continuous improvement," said Mark Edney, MD, Peninsula Regional's Chief of Surgery. "It's great when national publications like Consumer Reports validate that our multi-disciplinary team approach to patient care is saving lives and helping people experience much smoother recoveries." Research shows that mortality and length of stay are directly connected to complications. Peninsula Regional Medical Center was one of just two Delmarva hospitals to achieve the top overall designation. The overall Consumer Reports results, by state and hospital, may be found here.