While many nursing homes and assisted living centers across the nation have experienced devastating COVID-19 breakouts, Crisfield’s Tawes Nursing Home and Chesapeake Cove Assisted Living residents have had zero cases to date.

“We took early steps to reduce risk by limiting, and then stopping all visitation even before there was a diagnosed case on the Eastern Shore,” said Kathleen Harrison, President of the McCready Foundation, Inc. “That cautious approach may have saved lives. We are proud of our staff for their careful use personal protective equipment and hygiene protocols, and thankful to families who helped us keep their loved ones safe by adapting to new ways of communicating.”

Last week, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced that certain nursing homes that meet a strict list of criteria may begin to allow limited outdoor visitation. At this time, Tawes and Chesapeake Cove have not opened up to visitors yet, and will only progress to visitation in a carefully planned manner on a time frame that places the highest priority on the safety of their residents. As soon as a safe, accessible area and process for visitation has been created, residents’ families will be informed. In the meantime, families are encouraged to stay in touch by phone and video calling.

“We know how important family is to our residents, and how many loved ones have been waiting a long time to see them,” Harrison said. “We are working on ways to make that happen in a way that doesn’t put our residents at risk.”

The staff of Tawes Nursing Home and Chesapeake Cove thank everyone for their patience and assistance in keeping residents protected from COVID-19, and encourage everyone to continue to take precautions to reduce the spread.