As part of COVID-19 prevention efforts, the Peninsula Regional Health System is working to provide as many telemedicine appointments as possible to help people remain safely in their homes. We have partnered with DrFirst to deploy a telehealth solution that is easy to use for both the provider and the patient.

Once the office staff have completed the usual check-in process by phone, the provider sends a text message to the patient with a link to the video service. The patient clicks the link, enters their name and the video visit starts.

Most of the time it is that simple, but there can be glitches due to people using different technology. If a patient is using a really old smartphone or has not updated their browser we can have some trouble connecting.

Patients of a Peninsula Regional Medical Group or Nanticoke Physician Network practice can call their office to see if a video visit is appropriate for their condition.

Click here for the Telehealth Consent Form.

Click here for a Backline Telehealth Video Visit tip sheet.

Click here for help if you get an error message on Android.

Click here for a Webex Patient "How-To" Guide.

What You Will Need for Your Telehealth Appointment.