Part of getting well and staying well is taking your medications as prescribed. Thanks to PRMC Home Scripts, your first-fill pharmacy, hospital patients can now leave with meds in hand.

Since 2013, PRMC Home Scripts has been providing patients the opportunity of up to a 30-day first fill of their prescribed medications to take with them, at the time of discharge, to ensure they are not only getting their initial medications before they get home, but are also getting the correct medications and information on how to properly use them and why.

It’s all part of PRMC Home Scripts’ “Meds in Hand” program that is working to make sure that every patient’s medication needs are met.  PRMC Home Scripts, which accepts most insurance coverage, is conveniently located across from the Medical Center’s Same Day Surgery and surgery waiting area.  Pharmacists will not only fill up to a 30-day supply of new medication, but will also transfer the remaining prescription refills to the patient’s preferred pharmacy or recommend a pharmacy near their homes if they don’t have one.

PRMC is also currently piloting a program in two patient care areas of the hospital that features bedside delivery of medications directly to the patient’s room.  Working with the nurses in those units, pharmacists also educate patients, in advance of their discharge, about proper medication usage. PRMC hopes to roll out the bedside delivery option to the entire hospital within the year. 

The hospital-based PRMC Home Scripts pharmacy is designed for first fills only and is not a community pharmacy for medication refills.  However, PRMC Home Scripts Ocean Pines operates a full-service community pharmacy in the Delmarva Health Pavilion Ocean Pines on Route 589 near the north gate to Ocean Pines. Patients who choose to stay with PRMC Home Scripts in the Ocean Pines, Berlin, Bishopville and lower Sussex County Delaware communities will continue to have the Meds on Cue feature available to them on every prescription filled there.

PRMC Home Scripts First Fill Pharmacy is open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m.- 7 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Wednesday. To contact the pharmacy staff, or learn more about PRMC’s Meds in Hand service available at Peninsula Regional Medical Center, call 410-543-4798

Meds on Cue

Every Home Scripts medication label features a Q/R code that, when scanned by a smart mobile device, launches the easy-to-use Home Scripts Meds on Cue app.  Each Q/R code on the label is specific to the medication inside the bottle, and allows patients the opportunity to view a brief video explaining the drug, its proper use and importance. Patients may also use the Meds on Cue feature to speak directly with a Home Scripts pharmacist, set reminders to take their medications and when to refill them, and also obtain other valuable information, like what the pills they are taking should look like, both in a brand and generic form. To learn more, click here.