Before your surgery, you will work with the Joint Coordinator to learn about what to expect during your surgery, and make a plan for your rehabilitation when you leave the Medical Center. This plan will be based on your physical condition prior to surgery and the available help that you have at home. The levels of care that are considered include:

Outpatient Services 
This type of service helps patients get out of their homes and into the community in a setting equipped to help them reach their highest functional ability. Patients typically go to outpatient physical therapy three times per week. 

Home Health Care
Home health services help patients who are medically stable enough to return home, but who for a period of time are homebound. The goal of home care is to get you back into the community and onto outpatient services. Home health nursing and/or physical therapy typically visit the home three to five times per week.

Sub-Acute Care (Rehabilitation Facility)
Although most patients are able to directly return home after their stay in the Medical Center, some are not. Sub-acute services are typically provided in a skilled nursing facility that specializes in rehabilitation. The nursing staff routinely monitors your vital signs and manages your medications. You usually receive one to two hours of physical and occupational therapy a day, five to seven days a week. Following sub-acute care, patients typically go home with outpatient physical therapy three times per week. 

Acute Rehabilitation
Patients recovering from joint surgery rarely need the services provided in an acute rehabilitation center. Only those patients with significant complicating factors or other illnesses qualify. The goal of inpatient rehabilitation is to restore your functional ability so that you can safely transition to the next level of care. You usually receive up to three hours of physical and occupational therapy a day, five to seven days a week. After a stay in an inpatient rehabilitation facility, patients typically go on to safely and productively return to their home and community continuing with therapy three times per week in an outpatient setting.

For each level of care there are many different providers. You are encouraged to decide which provider is best for you. Your Joint Coordinator will discuss this with you during your pre-admission visit prior to surgery. You are encouraged to select providers for each level of care in case your needs change after your surgery. To view our Physician Directory, click here.

Please call your insurance company to verify your rehabilitation coverage prior to your pre-admission visit. Check to see if you have coverage for outpatient physical therapy, home health services, and inpatient rehabilitation -- including both sub-acute and acute rehab services.