Peninsula Regional Nutrition and Diabetes Education offers a variety of services for individuals living with diabetes, heart disease, obesity, food allergies and/or other medical conditions. Our team is made up of experienced Certified Diabetes Educators, Nurses and Registered Dietitians. We have both group and individual educational sessions for those looking to improve their overall health and take control of their chronic conditions.

Diabetes Education

Our diabetes self-management services meet the criteria and is recognized by the American Diabetes Association. We regularly offer a four week class series, available in evening or day sessions, that provides information on healthy eating, diabetes medications, feelings and food, physical activity, foot care, blood glucose monitoring, and other self-management skills to help people with diabetes control their disease. You are welcome to bring a family member or support person as we understand it takes a team to manage diabetes. For a schedule of upcoming classes and events, click here. For questions or if you are interested in attending our class series, please call: 410-543-7061

Diabetes Support Group
Support groups meet monthly for people with diabetes. We also have a support group for kids and teens with diabetes. For additional information, click here.

Injectable/Continuous Glucose Monitoring instruction
Individual instruction for injections and CGM training for Dexcom and Freestyle Libre are offered.

We offer a Basal Bolus Class, teaching carbohydrate counting, diabetes survival skills, and basic nutrition. We also offer individual diabetes self-management education for pediatric patients with diabetes. We work closely with Flora Glasgow, CRNP, Pediatric Endocrinology.

We provide individual services for women with gestational diabetes.


Nutrition Services

Medical Nutrition Therapy services are provided by Registered Licensed Dietitians. Meet with the dietitian to develop an individualized plan to manage diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic kidney disease, weight management, food allergies and/or healthy eating. Medical Nutrition Therapy for diabetes and early kidney disease is a Medicare benefit. Many insurances cover Medical Nutrition Therapy. Initial appointments are 90 minutes with follow-up appointments available. To find out more about our nutrition services, please call: 410-543-7061.




“My A1C went from 7.1% to 6.1% and I lost weight from lifestyle changes. I credit the diabetes self-management classes for this!”

—Martha Yates

“Going to the classes taught me how to read labels on the back of containers and how to portion my foods. I can relate to other people that have diabetes and how they work to control their eating”

—Sheila Nichols