All patients and visitors will be verbally screened upon entrance for their risk of COVID-19.

Under the Stay in Place order, patients are still permitted to come to necessary appointments. Call your office first if you feel it is an appointment that may be handled via telemedicine. TELEMEDICINE OPTIONS are being provided when possible at Peninsula Regional and Nanticoke Physician Network offices.

Patients coming to the Emergency Department will be triaged outside the building and those with COVID-19 symptoms will be further evaluated in a separate triage tent.

Please, if you feel ill and have a scheduled, non-urgent appointment, call to reschedule. 

Upcoming Appointments and Procedures
While we continue to provide exceptional care and protect the health and safety of all patients and visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, we may need to reschedule some appointments and procedures or shift them to telemedicine. If there are changes to your care, you will be contacted by your provider. All patients with a scheduled appointment or procedure inside PRMC, except patients of the Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute and Guerrieri Heart & Vascular Institute, must first report to the Hanna Outpatient lobby. This is most easily accessed by following signs to Visitor Parking Garage B and parking there. For more details about entrance changes, click here

If possible, please go alone to any appointments. Do not bring family members or friends unless you need assistance. Visitors will be asked to wait in the vehicle.

Outpatient Services
As Peninsula Regional Health System (Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Nanticoke Memorial and McCready Health Pavilion) continue enacting social distancing policies and finding ways to enhance COVID-19 patient, staff and visitor safety, it announces the following changes in outpatient services offered at PRMC and Nanticoke:

  • PRMC is reducing usage of the Hanna Outpatient Lab and EKG on the main campus. Patients with prescheduled Lab appointments will be contacted by staff to make special arrangements. For EKG, please go to East Park, Milford St and Peninsula Orthopaedic Woodbrooke Family Lab locations in Salisbury. East Park has expanded hours until 4PM. All other Lab services may be provided at any of the 13 offsite PRMC FamilyLab locations in MD and DE. Visit for location details and hours of operation.
  • Medical Imaging at the Hanna Outpatient Center at PRMC is also being scaled back.  Only those patients with an emergent need or who have an already scheduled appointment should use the PRMC hospital location for outpatient medical imaging.
  • Cardiac & Pulmonary RehabilitationMaintenance and Adult Fitness Programs in Salisbury and Ocean Pines are closed.
  • All Vascular Screenings at PRMC have been canceled from the months of March and April.  Individuals who have an existing appointment will be contacted by staff to reschedule.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (Behavioral Health) at PRMC closed. We are monitoringexisting patients telephonically until a tele-psych option is available.  Will continue to coordinate care with community providers for existing patients in the interim.  New referrals are welcome and will be monitored and possibly referred to existing community providers if available (i.e, ACT Team. Mobile Crisis, community psychiatrist/therapist, primary care doctor, etc.)
  • Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic at PRMC could close pending a telehealth decision. We have currently significantly streamlined the schedule excluding the elderly and the immunosuppressed population.  We are working through telehealth WebEx Option for all providers. 
  • McCready Behavioral Health is awaiting word from Courts/Parole and Probation regarding status and permissions. We plan to implement WebEx telehealth for individual sessions and possibly group sessions in the next day or two. The schedule is currently streamlined to exclude the elderly and the immunosuppressed population.
  • Additionally, all outpatient physical therapy and outpatient occupational therapy services are canceled at PRMC, Nanticoke and McCready, for an indefinite time. Patients who have special PT or Speech needs will be called by our staff and arrangement will be made for their care.