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Zecorah Mazzetti donates toys for her birthday to Pediatrics; Teresa Pusey, RN, of the Pediatrics Department was on hand to help gather the presents and distribute them to children in Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

Kids may say the darndest things, but sometimes they can really surprise us by doing the kindest things. Need proof? Check out this wonderfully selfless gesture by young Zecorah Mazzetti, who turned 11 years old on December 13. In lieu of presents for herself, Zecorah asked those who might want to participate to instead purchase blankets, books, art supplies, movies, warm sock or anything that would be even more appreciated by someone here in the Medical Center leading up to or over the holiday season. She, a huge polka dot fan, called her project "Polka-Dot Packages" and even made up flyers that she distributed to family and friends. The idea took off like wildfire. And when that grew to over 200 brand new items, they were carefully stuffed into 30 polka-dotted bags, which she and Mom Heather dropped off at PRMC on Wednesday, December 18 for the nurses in Pediatrics, including Teresa Pusey who's in the photo with Zecorah, to pass out to children in the unit now and even beyond the Christmas season. And we're pretty sure that generosity will stretch well past Christmas. We are talking over 30 bags here! Zecorah was quick to thank us for allowing her to fulfill her birthday wish. Pretty terrific young lady, right? Happy 11th Zecorah! By the way, we turned 116 years old on October 1st, and this is the COOLEST gift we've received!