In 2017, 47,173 people died by suicide in the United States.  Six-hundred three of those deaths were in the state of Maryland and 69 here on the Eastern Shore.  In Maryland, suicide was the third leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds.

Richard A. Henson Research Institute at Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) has been chosen to participate in a new study examining why suicide happens here and what can be done proactively to help prevent it.  “Addressing Suicide Research Gaps on the Eastern Shore” is the title of the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network grant awarded to PRMC.  The grant will support a retrospective, one-year study evaluating potential predictors such as gender, age, occupation, veteran status, and medical/mental health services accessibility.

This research will assist investigators in better understanding the constellation of interactions that are the most effective in supporting people who are at risk for suicide. 

"The Richard A. Henson Research Institute is excited to participate in the study and looks forward to providing positive outcomes for our community,” said James Trumble, MD, Vice President of Clinical Integration at PRMC and the Site Investigator for the study.

Currently the Research Institute is partnered with the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network through three ongoing studies involving best practices in patient care. “Our part in healthcare delivery on the Eastern Shore is to support our practitioners’ ability to provide cutting-edge solutions that best serve our community’s healthcare needs,” said Dr. Robert Joyner, Director, Richard A. Henson Research Institute.