Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) is working to enhance patient flow, screening and the overall safety and security of their guests and campus in both this current COVID-19 environment and beyond as it recovers and restores the operation of the Medical Center.

Beginning Tuesday, June 23, PRMC will permanently close the Same Day Surgery/Labor & Delivery entrance near the corner of Business 13 and Vine Street. Patients and visitors will still be able to exit from that location.

As of June 23, Same Day Surgery patients must enter and be screened at the Hanna Outpatient Center entrance. Labor and Delivery patients will also need to enter at the Hanna Outpatient Center entrance from 5:30am to 7pm, and will enter via the nearby Emergency Walk-In entrance from 7pm to 5:30am. On weekends, Labor and Delivery patients will also need to enter through the Emergency Department Walk-In entrance.

For the foreseeable future, patients (and their support person if needed) will be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 and will be required to wear a face covering or mask. They may bring and use their own mask, but one will be provided if necessary. If a support person is required, the same will apply for them. If staff discover a concern with a support person's screening, he/she will be asked to leave the building and remain in their vehicle for further instruction.

Any patient who does not feel well or who has symptoms of COVID-19 (new cough, unexplained shortness of breath or muscle soreness, sore throat, fever, or other symptoms) should contact the testing or procedural area prior to arriving, if possible, as the test/procedure may need to be rescheduled.

Both Same Day Surgery and Labor & Delivery have additional visitation guidelines for support persons. Patients should review information provided to them prior to their arrival.

Patients entering through the Hanna Outpatient Center will have the option of free valet parking, or may choose to park their vehicle in the Visitor Garage (Garage B). Escorts will be available to assist patients to and from the appointment location, if needed. All patients will have access to a wheelchair if required. 

PRMC reminds everyone that a general NO Visitation policy remains in effect for the hospital, per Governor Hogan's mandate.  Most waiting areas are closed, unless specified for support persons. If you drive a friend or loved one to their appointment, you will be asked to remain in your vehicle until the appointment or procedure has concluded.

PRMC thanks their patients and families for their patience, understanding and cooperation during these challenging times.  Please remember to wear your face coverings in public areas, regularly wash and sanitize your hands and practice social distancing.

PRMC will alert the public when the medical center returns to a normal visitation plan.