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PRMC Executive Chef Stewart Davis demonstrates a healthy recipe.

  On Monday, Peninsula Regional Medical Center's Executive Chef Stewart Davis put on a Creole cooking demonstration in our cafeteria. Our team loved it! We thought you might as well. Here are Chef Stewart's recipes from his cooking demo. Southern Creole Sauce (With vegetables) 2 Red Peppers, medium diced 2 Green Peppers, medium diced... 4 lg. Stalks Celery, Medium diced 2 Yellow Onions (or Red), Medium diced 64 oz. can Tomatoes, diced 2 T. Chopped Garlic 1 T. Sweet Basil and Oregano each 1 t. Thyme, crushed 1 T Blackening seasoning (If you wish) 3 T. Real Olive Oil 2 cups Blanched Broccoli, Cauliflower, Zucchini, yellow Squash or any preferred vegetable
Heat your olive oil in a large pot. Wait till it smokes a bit, then add your hard vegetables. Stir the vegetables not to brown but to get al dente (cooked but still firm). Add the garlic. Stir again just to brown. Add your diced tomatoes and seasonings. Turn heat down to a light simmer and cook for about 10 minutes. Cooking tomatoes too long will result in the tomatoes breaking down and the vegetables to become mushy. Then add your blanched vegetables. Stir in until all become hot. You may put this over rice, pasta, cous cous or any starch. If you would like to add protein like chicken, then cook the chicken before vegetables and continue with the process. For fish, add the fish at the end of the process and cook slightly longer. Remember, with fish, if you stir too much it falls apart, so use a thicker-style fish like catfish, or just cook it separately. Italian-style Tomato Sauce Cook the same as above up to adding the extra vegetables. Add another tablespoon of oregano and basil. If you would like to add pesto then you also may do so here. Cook another 10 minutes. Add about a tablespoon of sugar to take some acidity away. In a blender, add your product. Blend until smooth. At this point if you want protein like sausage, chicken or meats, sauté them and then add after you blend the vegetables. You now have a Vegetarian Tomato sauce. You may put this over pasta or any other starch. Enjoy your meal! Chef Stewart / PRMC Chef