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Peninsula Regional Medical Center President/CEO Dr. Peggy Naleppa and Board of Trustees Chairman Bill McCain recently presented members of the Peninsula Regional healthcare team with President's Leadership and Chairman's Awards for their contributions to the Medical Center and the patients they serve. In addition, former board member Ed Urban returned to bestow the award named in his honor. From left, Bill McCain, Chuck Rayne, Eddie Conklin, Mary Lou Melhorn and Peggy Naleppa. The Chairman's Award Non-Clinical Winning Entry was Vascular Lab Flow Improvement, won by Eddie Conklin, Laura Brown, Florence Rayne, Mary Lou Melhorn and Jeannie Ruff. Inefficient vascular lab processes led to added cost and decreased access for patients. The team analyzed the process to find areas of opportunity. They improved the patient scheduling process and moved the function within Radiology, which opened space and created cross-training opportunities, and implemented standard work. The result: No backlog on appointments since February 2013, and expense was reduced to 32% below budget. Finalists for the award included:
  • Ambulatory pharmacy project (PRMC HomeScripts)
  • Clinical Admission Team (CAT) Project
  • O.R. Close to Cut Project
Honorable Mentions:
  • Pharmacy KitCheck Implementation
  • Vancomycin Delivery Mechanism project
From left, Bill McCain, Cynthia Mitchell, Cindy D'Aquila, Erin Mareck and Peggy Naleppa. The Chairman's Award Clinical Winning Entry was ICU CAUTI Improvement, won by Erin Mareck, Cindy D'Aquila, Mary Cannon, Celine Eisele, Stacey Smith, Padmaja Ambre and Cindy Mitchell. Starting in August, 2013 CAUTI rates in ICU started to trend upward. The goal was to reduce the rates to below benchmark and eventually to zero. This team developed and implemented a Nurse Driven Protocol for the removal of urinary catheters as quickly as possible, which has been shown to reduce infection rates. They also reeducated the nursing staff about CAUTI prevention measures, which are now part of their standard work. They do daily monitoring of these prevention measures and review all patients with catheters to make sure they are still necessary for good care. As of May and June, 2014 the ICU Standardized Infection Ratio fell below the state average. Honorable Mentions:
  • Epidural Delivery Process
  • Splish, Splash, Baby's First Bath
From left, Bill McCain, Gina Grier, Ed Urban and Erin Mareck. The Ed Urban Quality Award was earned by the Post-Operative Cardiac Patient Glucose Control project, with team members Steve Wilson, PA-C, Erin Mareck, Gina Grier, Caroline Mansy, Dr. Robert Chasse, John Jordan, Karen Jones, and Ann Turner. Their goal was to maintain the post-op cardiac patient's glucose to 180 mg/dl or lower in the timeframe of 18 – 24 hours after anesthesia end time. The team used process mapping and chart review to analyze the data and found that 26 percent of patients had a glucose greater than 180. These were primary CABG patients with known diabetes or pre-diabetic tendencies. The interventions included recording exact time of anesthesia end time so insulin IV drip could be started sooner, leaving the drip in place through the first 2 hours of conversion to sub-q insulin dose, drawing a blood glucose prior to transfer to 3 Layfield (with correction doses give prior to transfer also). Result: Over the last 4 quarters, more than 97 percent of post-cardiac patients sustained blood sugars within the desire range during the 18-24 hour period post-anesthesia. In addition, related outcomes include a decrease in the infection rates, post-op renal failure, surgical reoperation, prolonged ventilation, overall and CTICU length of stay, and mortality rates. President's Leadership Awards honor individuals who embrace the philosophy that leadership is a privilege and a position of shared trust. With that philosophy also comes accountability and ownership. Winners were: Gwyn Kravec, Executive Director of Health Information Services & Privacy Officer. Kravec has led multiple hospital initiatives for health information management, and has been an invaluable source of knowledge for the upcoming ICD-10 transition. Jeanne Ruff, Executive Director of the Guerrieri Heart & Vascular Institute. Ruff is a dynamic leader of the heart center, consistently keeping its many components running smoothly, and known and respected for her great integrity and ethics. Congratulations to all the recipients, and thank you to everyone who was nominated as well, for all of your efforts in continuously working to improve Peninsula Regional and to deliver exceptional service.