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Happy Halloween, everyone! Peninsula Regional Medical Center wants to remind all parents and trick-or-treaters to play it safe this Halloween night.  The excitement of trick-or-treating should not interfere with parents and children remembering some very basic safety precautions to avoid injuries.
  • Never allow young children to trick-or-treat alone.
  • All trick-or-treaters should carry a flashlight, or have reflective costumes, which will make it easier for motorists to notice them.
  • Children should never dart across any street without first looking for cars.
  • Avoid cumbersome, baggy costumes that increase the risk of fall-related injuries.
  • Avoid masks and wigs that obstruct a child’s vision.
  • Never allow children to eat any Halloween candy without first having it inspected by parents.
Peninsula Regional strongly encourages all parents to personally review and inspect their children’s candy for any irregularities or wrapper alterations.  Honoring a long-standing policy, the MedicalCenter will not participate in the x-raying of candy during Halloween.  While x-raying candy can identify metals and some types of glass, other potentially dangerous substances like sharp plastics and injectable agents can not be detected. Since no agency can guarantee 100% accuracy in the review of candy using x-ray technology, the MedicalCenter feels alert and involved parents are a child’s best protection.  If there is any doubt at all about the safety and integrity of an item, the best policy is to destroy it immediately. Remember, have fun, be safe and make memories!