Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) is opening a newly renovated six-bed Pediatric Unit in a familiar space: the 4th floor of the Medical Center’s East Tower.  The unit opens for patients on November 13 following a six-month renovation of the area. 
Pediatrics had been on the 4th floor of the East Tower for a number of years before moving to the Layfield Tower in 2008.
Pediatrics is relocating back upstairs from its current location on the first floor adjacent to the Robert T. Adkins, MD Emergency/Trauma Center.  Taking occupancy of that ten-bed space will be a new and specialized Pediatric Emergency Unit with its own staff of specially trained providers and clinical team members. 
As pediatric emergency cases increased, the dual space in the Layfield Tower could no longer accommodate both an emergency and a traditional pediatric unit.  The move now reunites all Women’s and Children’s services on the 4th floor. 
“With Pediatrics returning to a larger unit it will share with our Special Care Nursery, we will again have Labor & Delivery, Mother/Baby, Pediatrics and Special Care all on the same floor and a short walk from each other,” said Diane Hitchens, Director of Women’s and Children’s Services at PRMC.  “With care for moms, babies and children becoming even more specialized, this creates that dedicated, consistent and quiet environment that is so important to the start of life and healing processes.”
The 4 East unit will undergo a full renovation starting after the Pediatrics move-in, and will be complete by the year 2020.