sunshine winner jennifer higgins

People working in healthcare can experience health issues too – and that’s just what happened when Jennifer Higgins, a patient care technician at Peninsula Regional Medical Center came to the rescue of a colleague. A coworker nominated Higgins for the Sunshine Award, which was designed to recognize outstanding certified nursing assistants, patient care technicians and assistants for exceptional care.

“When coming onto my shift at 7 a.m., I started experiencing dizziness, rapid heart, and symptoms that just had me feeling severely out of sorts, so I went into the break room to sit for a few,” she said. “But I began to feel worse and my blood pressure spiked – high – and I started to panic a little. Jennifer was coming off night shift and asked if I was okay; and I shook my head no and the tears started because I was beginning to worry. She acted immediately and went to get a nurse and came back in the break room. She kept talking to me trying to calm me down, telling me everything was going to be okay.”

When the colleague needed to be wheeled to the Emergency Department, Higgins personally took her, checked her in and waited until the triage nurse had arrived. “Before she left, she told me one more time that it was going to be okay and to take care of myself,” Higgins’ colleague said. “She deserves the award not only her quick attention to noticing something was wrong but the steps she took in seeing I was cared for like I was one of her patients. It truly touched my heart.”

Higgins was honored in a ceremony before her coworkers, and was presented with fresh flowers, a pin and a certificate recognizing her exceptional care. To nominate a deserving CNA, PCA or PCT, please visit www.peninsula.org/sunshine.