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Ginna Keil, RN, a nurse in Peninsula Regional Medical Center's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, composed this reflection on her work that her department would like to share.

Journey in the NICU

Though you are small and one of the tinier few

Know that I am here and I am fighting for you

I know it is bright, cold, and loud right now

And you are fighting to breathe and wondering how

That is what I am here for; just try, I have help,

And then, it is with relief that we hear your first yelp

I know it is hard with the sticks, pokes and pain

But be assured we are here for you and so much you will gain

I introduce you to the one who loves you and carried you through

The one who is staring and wondering what to do

Don't worry, I'll show her and soon you will be

Together and happy, one wonderful family

It has taken weeks and so much you have learned

Things like holding your temperature, eating on your own and with no concern

It is now time, as I have promised, for you and your family to go

I am so proud of you, little one, and proud that I have enabled you to grow and grow

Go into the world now, you won't remember me

But know I'll never forget you, you'll be fine, you're a fighter…it's what I see…