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millsboro7Thanks to everyone who came out on October 22 to celebrate the grand opening of the 48,000-square-foot Delmarva Health Pavilion Millsboro on Route 113. Visitors were able to tour the currently open practices, and learn about some of the services coming soon. Those included: Peninsula Regional Family Medicine Millsboro — Peninsula Regional Medical Group. Family medicine services for all ages.
  • Peninsula Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. - Comprehensive orthopaedic and surgical services.
  • Peninsula/NRH Regional Rehab - a full complement of rehabilitative services.
  • Peninsula Regional Lab - Complete laboratory services.
Coming soon:
  • PRMC Home Scripts Millsboro - All of your pharmacy and prescription needs conveniently located in the Delmarva Health Pavilion Millsboro.
  • Peninsula Imaging – Full-service outpatient imaging center.
The Delmarva Health Pavilion Millsboro is a joint project of Gillis Gilkerson and Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC). It features specialty care practices including complete diagnostic imaging services provided by Peninsula Imaging, LLC; comprehensive orthopaedic services from Peninsula Orthopaedic Associates, PA; rehabilitation services by Peninsula NRH Regional Rehab; the full-service community pharmacy PRMC’s Home Scripts and PRMC laboratory services open to the general public. According to Thompson Reuters, Claritas, Millsboro’s population is projected to grow by 8.2% over the next five years, which is just slightly below the expected 8.6% growth for Sussex County during the same time period. Currently, there are over 100,000 people within a 20 minute drive from the center of Millsboro. “The need for a wide range of healthcare services and chronic disease management is expected to significantly increase in the next half decade in Sussex County, and we’re honored to partner with the local community to provide those services now and well into the future,” said Dr. Peggy Naleppa, Peninsula Regional Medical Center’s President/CEO. Anchoring the healthcare complex is Peninsula Regional Family Medicine Millsboro. The practice, which is currently accepting patients of all ages, relocated to the health pavilion from its previous location in Dagsboro in mid-September. Comprehensive “one-stop” healthcare centers, like the Delmarva Health Pavilion Millsboro, aren’t necessarily a new concept but their importance has increased significantly with the rapid acceleration of Population Health Management, which is an evolving healthcare model that focuses on keeping people healthy and reducing admissions and readmissions through management of chronic diseases. For instance, here on the Delmarva Peninsula diabetes remains a significant health issue. Population Health Management says manage people’s personal health behaviors now to prevent the onset of diabetes instead of treating it after the fact, when it’s extremely expensive and a precursor to many other very serious health conditions. When you offer the consumer-in this case a patient-the convenience of having the clinical knowledge and treatment opportunities that come with specialized services all under the same roof, they’re most likely to utilize them.   And when they do, studies have shown they stay healthier. “Across the nation, no longer can you build a hospital and expect people to come to you for every ache, pain or test,” Dr. Naleppa said. “To keep our community healthy, providers like PRMC need to always be examining ways to make it more convenient for you to obtain care close to home, to provide you the greatest value for that care, and in the most appropriate location. That’s the genesis of Population Health Management and the guiding philosophy behind the Delmarva Health Pavilion Millsboro.” With the opening of the Delmarva Health Pavilion Millsboro, PRMC has truly created that multi-disciplinary, comprehensive, one-stop location designed to specifically address many Sussex County healthcare needs.