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Couplet care at PRMC encourages bonding for mothers, babies and their family members, and nurses provide care for both mothers and babies in the same room.

A new report from the CDC says that more new mothers are choosing to breast-feed their babies - which is great for both mothers and their infants. Click here to read a detailed article from National Public Radio on the topic. One of the CDC's recommendations to encourage even more of this beneficial practice is rooming-in for new mothers -- that means keeping the mother and baby together, rather than sending babies away to sleep or have procedures performed in a nursery. Peninsula Regional Medical Center recently established rooming-in and couplet care for families in its Mother-Baby Unit based on its many benefits. It has been shown to increase bonding and attachment during a vital time in a baby’s development. When they are in the presence of the familiar voice and warmth of their mothers, babies cry less and are easier to soothe. And moms are able to respond to baby's feeding cues, leading to babies who sleep better. Being close to their babies also makes breastfeeding easier and gets the process off to an easier start. The benefits of breastfeeding are significant for both mothers and babies, and in couplet care, babies who are being breastfed are less likely to develop jaundice and gain weight faster. Visit Peninsula Regional's breastfeeding page to learn about our lactation consultant services and to get the answers to some frequently asked questions about breastfeeding. To learn more about childbirth, newborn care or breastfeeding, sign up for one of the upcoming classes at in the Classes and Events section.