In 1970 a small group of caring folks formed the PLUS Volunteer Services program at Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Today, about 250 volunteers contribute their time and energy. These friends of the PRMC, and those who have gone before them, have given more than1.5 million hours of service. 

Volunteers provide an added dimension of human concern through personal service to patients, staff and other customers we serve. They are a bridge between the Medical Center and the community. From age 14 and up, they learn and serve, sharing their life experiences with others.

Numerous areas of placement are available in patient care, clerical and support staff services.  This offers opportunities to those who wish to assist patients and families as well as those who prefer to help behind the scenes. In addition, PLUS Volunteers may be called upon to help with special events and projects. 

To learn more about becoming a volunteer, call the PLUS Volunteers office at 410-543-7284. A three-hour orientation and background check are required.