Peninsula Regional Health System is very grateful to everyone who has reached out to offer many different types of donations as we work through the COVID-19 crisis.

FOR PRMC/McCREADY: To donate food, commercial supplies or services, contact the Peninsula Regional Health System Foundation at 410-543-7140. For meal donations for staff, click here. 

For more info about the Foundation, click here. To contribute to our PPE drive on April 21 or 23, click here for info.

For Nanticoke Memorial Hospital donations: call 302-536-5386 or, to donate unused protective face masks, especially N95 masks, protective suits and medical scrubs, goggles, safety glasses and face shields, cleaning and sterilizing solutions and wipes, medical gloves, hand sanitizer, disposable stethoscopes and digital and disposable thermometers, you can use


Many members of our community have reached out and asked if they can help us by making facemasks. We believe cloth facemasks can play a role in infection prevention if used correctly.

First, facemasks can protect the wearer by discouraging hand-to-mouth transmission - but remember, hand hygiene and social distancing are still the MOST important way to stay safe.

Second, facemasks protect others (rather than the wearer) by helping contain droplets emitted from speaking, coughing, sneezing. However, if you are coughing and sneezing, we do encourage you to stay home.

Peninsula Regional Medical Center is now collecting handmade facemasks for those in health care roles who are not taking care of patients but need extra protection, as well as for our patients.

We have some surgical wrap fabric that may be used in the making of masks. Clean, new, tightly woven fabric is also acceptable.


  • Avoid making facemasks if you are sick or think you might be getting sick.
  • Avoid making facemasks if you have been told you have a multi-drug resistant organism like MRSA or C. diff., or if you have any open or draining wounds.
  • Keep all facemask materials away from household pets.
  • Be sure the area in which you are working is clean (sanitize all surfaces with a disinfectant) before making facemasks.
  • Be sure to perform hand hygiene before touching facemask materials. 

If you would like to help make facemasks for us please contact Joyce Lecates  at PRMC at 410-543-7202, or for Nanticoke, call 302-629-6611, ext. 4955.

DIRECTIONS:  Click here for printable instructions and info 

- Facemask with elastic 

- Facemask with ties