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Thank You PRMC

Thank You PRMC
Bruce Somers
Bruce Somers of Marion Station is a pretty fortunate guy, as he was once described by an Emergency Department physician as “the patient closest to death that I’ve ever treated who still made it through.”
Linda B.
"Our experience was positive beyond our expectations. Without exception, everyone with whom we came in contact at your hospital was smiling and helpful."
Dan and Ann Worton, MD
"Dealing with hospitals for over 30 years, I found most are very good, but yours is exceptional. It wasn’t just the doctors and nurses, but all of the employees as a team that excelled for us."
Ralph Greene
Passion and dedication. 68-year-old Ralph Greene of Nanticoke, Maryland will tell you he has both. His golf game-at a 30 handicap-is equal parts dedication and frustration. His passion, however, is his Harley, which he’s ridden for 53 years and in all 50 states.
Sylvia H.
"My husband’s nurse stayed after her shift to be there with him and waited until we got there to talk with us about him and his condition. This is always what I thought nursing should be like."
Terry Rowe
In February of 2007, Terry Rowe began to have sciatica, a shooting pain that ran from her low back down her left leg all the way to her toes. Even after visits to her primary care physician, an orthopaedic doctor and a chiropractor, “The thought of standing in line at the grocery store or the post office was enough to make me cringe,” she said.