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Press Releases
PRMC Named a National Top Performer in the QUEST Collaborative for Lives Saved and Cost Efficiency

Every healthcare team in America wants to reduce errors, save lives and curb excessive costs.  One of the best measuring sticks to compare how well an organization is advancing toward those goals is to gauge its performance against other similar institutions with the same goals. 

Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC), a 363-bed facility in Salisbury, Maryland, is always on a “QUEST” for new ideas and best practices. 

QUEST is a multi-year collaborative that includes nearly 300 Premier hospitals working together in over 30 states.  QUEST is an acronym for QUality, Efficiency, Safety through Transparency, and PRMC is a charter member of the collaborative.  Premier is a performance improvement alliance of more than 2,500 U.S. hospitals and 80,000-plus other healthcare sites working together to achieve high quality, cost-effective care.

For the second year in a row, PRMC has been named a Top Performing Hospital in Premier’s QUEST collaborative.  Peninsula Regional was one of just four Maryland hospitals to earn top performer status for increasing delivery of recommended, evidence-based care to every patient, every time by at least 84 percent.  For instance, that would include providing flu vaccinations to all pneumonia patients, or prescribing a high blood pressure or chest pain medication to all heart attack patients prior to discharge.  PRMC was also recognized for reducing avoidable hospital mortality by at least 18 percent and safely reducing the cost of care to at most $5,400 per patient.

In just 30 months of the QUEST collaborative, the 157 charter hospitals-including PRMC-have saved a combined 25,235 lives and an estimated $2.85 billion through patient and medication safety improvements and cost cutting measures.  “Being a QUEST member means redesigning the way we operate so that patients receive reliable, safe and efficient healthcare every time they come in,” said Tim Feist, Vice President for Performance Improvement and PRMC’s Safety Officer.  “By collaborating to share our patient outcomes data and provider best practices with other members, we are leading the industry in driving the best results, which creates a competitive advantage.”

Together, the 278 hospitals in the QUEST collaborative share ideas, strategies and proven practices.  It’s an approach that has been shown to improve care, quality, safety and cost.  In fact, QUEST members have an observed mortality rate 5 percent lower than non-members nationwide.  In addition, while inpatient care costs have risen 21 percent for U.S. hospitals as a whole, those in the QUEST study have experienced only a 4 percent increase.

An advisory panel of experts from the country’s top health organizations, such as the National Quality Forum, The Joint Commission and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, guide collaborative members to achieve success.

Due to its success in the QUEST collaborative, the Medical Center will receive a small financial award which will be reinvested in capital equipment.