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PRMC Home Scripts

PRMC Home Scripts provides patients with their first fills of medications prescribed at Peninsula Regional Medical Center. As a transition-of-care pharmacy, we want to ensure that patients are being discharged with all of the medications they need to stay healthy. PRMC Home Scripts will work with your preferred pharmacy to ensure that subsequent refills are available.

Some areas of Peninsula Regional Medical Center even offer concierge service – the patient’s prescription is sent to the pharmacy, if he or she wishes, and the prescription is delivered right to the bedside before the patient is discharged. In other areas, or at times when concierge service isn’t available, family members and friends of the patient often help to get the prescription filled.

PRMC Home Scripts only serves PRMC patients and employees - walk-in customers are not permitted. To reach the PRMC Home Scripts pharmacy, call 410-543-4798.

Our Pharmacy Department

The Peninsula Regional Medical Center Department of Pharmacy Services provides pharmaceutical care services to patients and supports the objectives and mission of the Medical Center.  As part of its mission, Pharmacy Services:

  • optimizes pharmacotherapy through the quality management of medication use
  • coordinates information and logistical services
  • participates in and conducts educational and research programs
  • maintains and advances pharmacy practices

As a partner of the health care team Pharmacy Services provides the highest quality of pharmaceutical care.  It offers excellent service plus concern and respect for each patient.  It offers quality educational programs and promotes professional, ethical and cost-effective responsibility.

Services offered by the department include but are not limited to:

  • Drug distribution for both inpatients and ambulatory patients
  • Pharmacokinetic Dosing Service (Aminoglycosides, Vancomycin, etc.)
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Service (Evaluation of drug concentrations/dosing)
  • Parenteral Nutrition Management
  • Critical Care Rounds
  • Patient and Staff Education for Drug Therapy
  • Oversight of Pharmaceutical Care
  • IV to PO Conversion Program
  • Renal Dosing Service
  • Anticoagulation Dosing
  • Adverse Drug Reaction Investigation/Interpretation
  • Medication Safety Investigations
  • Other Consults as Needed (Drotrecogin Review, Polypharmacy, Drug Interactions, Antibiotic Appropriateness, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous Inservices
  • Investigational Drug Protocols

For additional drug information, the following government sites are good place to start.  (Please note the following links are not under the control of Peninsula Regional Medical Center)

National Library of Medicine

FDA drug information for consumers