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Emergency/Trauma Center Information

 Robert T. Adkins, M.D. Emergency/Trauma Center Brochure

Peninsula Regional Medical Center's established tradition of providing the best in emergency/trauma care continues daily with the region's most experienced, 115 member emergency/trauma team at the Delmarva Peninsula's most modern emergency care center, the Robert T. Adkins, M.D. Emergency/Trauma Center.
How To Get Here
The Robert T. Adkins, M.D. Emergency/Trauma Center is located on the first floor of the Layfield Tower, a magnificent 4 story patient care tower on the southwest side of the Medical Center's campus, adjacent to the Frank B. Hanna Outpatient Center. 

How To Enter
The Robert T. Adkins, M.D. Emergency/Trauma Center at Peninsula Regional has been designed with separate entrances for patients arriving by ambulance and those arriving by car.  All walk-in patients enter from the north side of the Layfield Tower, while all ambulances enter from the Vine Street side, or the south side of the Layfield Tower. 
Having the two separate entrances allows for greater patient privacy and more efficient attention to every patient's specific needs. 

Where To Park
All Emergency/Trauma patient and visitor parking is FREE and located in Parking Garage B.  Garage B is directly across from the walk-in patient entrance to the Robert T. Adkins, M.D. Emergency/Trauma Center.  While patients may be dropped off at the walk-in entrance, there is no parking provided there.  Parking in Garage B is FREE for not only Emergency/Trauma Center patients and visitors but for all visitors to the Medical Center.

Most Experienced Team
Over 1,000,000 emergency/trauma patients have been treated at Peninsula Regional since the opening of the first Accident Ward in 1946.  Over 80,000 are expected to be treated this year alone.

Large and Comfortable
The Robert T. Adkins, M.D. Emergency/Trauma Center can easily and comfortably accommodate 90,000 patient visits per year.  An "Express Care" area has been established for less ill or less seriously injured patients, with immediate access to the full range of Peninsula Regional's Emergency/Trauma services.

Most Modern and Efficient
Ours is an Emergency/Trauma Center with the special needs of critical care and emergency patients in mind.  All treatment spaces are private, larger and identical in shape and size, allowing for maximum flexibility of care by a full team of clinical specialists who are trained to treat any emergency injury in any room from the least serious to the most severe.  Four spacious and sophisticated trauma rooms have been equipped with the latest in high-tech, emergency medical technology to handle every major traumatic injury that arrives at the Eastern Shore's state-designated, Level III Emergency/Trauma Center.

Quick Injury Assessment
Dedicated CT Scanning and other radiology and ultrasound equipment is permanently based in the Emergency/Trauma Center for rapid injury assessment.

Our teams have earned an outstanding reputation for reliable and accurate emergency and trauma care when seconds count.