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ALS Clinic

The PRMC Team at the First Annual ALS Walk in September 2012.
The ALS Team at Peninsula Regional Medical Center
100 East Carroll Street, Salisbury, MD 21801
Fax: 410-543-7786

What Is ALS?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) — commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease — is a progressive neuromuscular illness.
Let’s break it down so that it may make more sense:

  • a — for without
  • myo — for muscle
  • trophic — for nourishment
  • lateral — for side (of the spinal cord)
  • sclerosis — for hardening or scarring

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The ALS Clinic at Peninsula Regional Medical Center

A partnership with The ALS Association—DC/MD/VA Chapter

Our distinguished healthcare team includes a neurologist, pulmonologist, gasteroenterologist, physiatrist, pulmonary diagnostic services coordinator, dietition, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, nurse navigators, social worker and chaplain.

All work with the ALS Association Chapter staff... Patient Services Regional Specialist.

The ALS Clinic at PRMC is held the first Thursday of every month. The Clinic Team meets on the fourth floor of the medical center. The ALS Support Group at PRMC is held the second Friday of each month. The Support Group meets in the Avery W. Hall Educational Center. The public is always invited to attend, but an RSVP is requested since refreshments are provided. Please call 410-912-2889 to RSVP.
Our goal is to provide you with all the tools available to help you and your family face this disease together.


ALS Message Of Hope

ALS may rob you of your physical body, but it does not rob you of your soul.
You live in a society that emphasizes patient autonomy and you will be able to maintain yours.
While embarking on a difficult endeavour, know you are not going it alone.
Families and friends can come closer, and you will discover new friends.
Other people with ALS are available and willing to share in the ups and downs of the journey.
There are many dimensions to managing ALS and many professionals available to help you with them.
The resources currently available to those affected by ALS are without precedent.
You continue to be a valued member of society who can contribute to your family and your friends through the human values in which you believe.
You continue to play a role in educating your children and providing support to your family.
Due to the intense interest in people with ALS, the options available to you exceed those that were available to previous generations and are expected to increase.
While no one has chosen this path, most have traversed it with courage and with dignity. 

From: ALS and Beyond
Carmel Armon, M.D.


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