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Behavioral Health Campaign

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In order to address the critical need for behavioral health services in our community, PRMC is establishing a Behavioral Health Service Line.

Behavioral Health includes mood disorders, personality disorders, psychiatric disorders, eating disorders, addictions and some geriatric cognitive disorders.

Expansion and Renovation of Adult Inpatient

Peninsula Regional has a Certificate of Need for 17 adult inpatient beds. The need has become so great that a decision was made to add those beds. In order to do this it will be necessary to renovate an area that now houses the Peninsula Regional Hospitalists. Renovation to the existing rooms to meet current code is also necessary. The cost of this renovation is $570,000.
Creation of a Child and Adolescent Outpatient Unit

Peninsula Regional has entered into a collaborative agreement with Adventist HealthCare Behavioral Health & Wellness Services in which Adventist will provide 3 child psychiatrists on site at Peninsula Regional. This will allow for the evaluation, diagnosis and outpatient treatment of patients who are 17 and under. An area with the Medical Center has been designated for this purpose and will include treatment rooms and offices for mental health professionals. The cost of this project is $430,000.

The combined projects that are of the greatest immediate need will cost $1 million.

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