Peninsula Regional Medical Center - Part of Peninusula Regional Health System

Performance Improvement and Measurement

Performance Improvement and Measurement in health care documents what is done and how well it is done. The goal is to understand the basis for current procedure in order to improve the procedure and achieve an improved outcome.

Performance measurement is used internally by health care organizations, like Peninsula Regional Medical Center, to support performance improvement.  It is used externally to demonstrate accountability to the public and other interested parties.

Performance measurement benefits Peninsula Regional by providing statistically valid data given by mechanisms that generate a continuous stream of performance information. This performance measurement enables a health care organization, like ours, to understand how well it is doing over time and provides continuous access to objective data to support claims of quality. The organization can verify the effectiveness of corrective actions, identify areas of excellence and compare its performance with that of peer organizations using the same measures. This performance data can be used by external parties to make value-based decisions on where to seek quality health care.