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Will I need an appointment with the surgeon?
Yes, if your surgeon recommends one, or if you prefer an appointment.  However, some patients will not need to wait for an appointment with the surgeon.  In these cases, the surgeon will design a treatment plan and begin directing the patient’s recovery immediately.

Once the surgeon has all of my information, when will he review it?
Will I get a telephone call with the results?  The physician will generally review your medical history and films within a few days of receiving your complete information.  A nurse from Peninsula Spine Center will then contact you to discuss  the physicians recommendations and to review what steps should be taken next.  The entire process should be complete within five days of our receipt of your complete medical information.

How long will it take for me to get better?
Recovery varies greatly from patient to patient.  Your general health, level of fitness, and lifestyle will contribute to how quickly you recover.  Your own commitment to your recovery – your commitment to complete the treatment as directed – is equally important.  Finally, you will be urged to continue proper spine care after completing your treatment.

Will the surgeon address work status and medications? 
You will need to contact your physician of record regarding your work status if you have not yet seen the surgeon.  Should the surgeon recommend medications, this suggestion will be sent to your physician for his or her consideration.  If you are scheduled for an appointment and are seen in the office the surgeon will address work status during your appointment

How do I contact Peninsula Spine Center for more information or to schedule an appointment? 
Call 410-912-5666 or Toll Free at 1-877-797-4669