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Peninsula Spine Center

The Peninsula Spine Center is a collaboration of physicians who specialize in neurosurgery, orthopaedic spine surgery and physiatry.  Because we understand that back and/or neck pain can be debilitating, our goal is to make your experience comfortable and to help you return to your activities of daily life quickly.  In order to accomplish this we have implemented a program called Priority ConsultTM.

With Priority ConsultTM, our physicians provide a rapid review of your medical condition within a few days ... not weeks.  A registered nurse from Peninsula Spine Center will take your health information over the phone and send it electronically to a surgeon for review.

If the physician believes you will benefit from treatment before an appointment, your treatment will begin immediately.  If the physician would like you to have films or imaging procedures prior to an office visit, our nurse will assist you in scheduling these appointments and contacting your insurance company for any pre-certifications. 

Once completed, the physician will review your medical history and films.  The nurse from our Spine Center will then contact you to discuss the physician's recommendations and to review what steps should be taken next.  The entire process should be complete within five business days of our receipt of your complete medical information.

Your road to recovery can begin before you ever walk into the physician's office!  Let our experience make your experience better!

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Joint Commission Certified in Spine Surgery, 2015