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Hospitalist Program

What is a Hospitalist?

The Hospitalist is an acute-care physician who does not maintain a private medical practice and who focuses on a patient's hospital care from time of admission until discharge. During this time the Hospitalist provides a coordinated team of physicians, nurses and support staff who follows a defined process of patient care. This team keeps in close contact with the primary care physician while managing the patient's hospital care.

Why a Hospitalist?

The Hospitalist Program allows the primary care physicians to remain in their private practice offices where they can see less ill patients.

The Hospitalist maintains contact with the patient and is immediately available to deal small problems before they become emergencies.  The Hospitalist can review tests that are performed in the morning and share them with the patient the same day. The Hospitalist helps the patient and the patient's family to understand the illness, treatment, recovery and how to prevent future visits to the Medical Center. This coordinated, timely and efficient care may result in an earlier discharge.

How Does the Hospitalist Program Work?

When your primary care physician makes the decision to admit you to the Medical Center, your physician may request hospitalist care. A surgeon or specialist who admits you may request a hospitalist to see you in consultation. If you are admitted through the Emergency Room, your primary care physician is notified immediately.

Hospitalists are immediately available to care for the seriously ill patients who require hospitalization. Hospitalists are in contact with primary care physicians at all times including admission and discharge.

Our Hospitalist Program operates on a 24 hour, 7 day a week schedule, and our team of highly qualified dedicated physicians works together to provide your care. You may be seen by more than one physician during your hospitalization; however, you care will continue to be well coordinated.

Your physician resumes responsibility for your care after your discharge.

For more information about the Hospitalist Program, call the Peninsula Regional Medical Group at 410-543-7247 or 1-877-462-7955 or ask your primary care physician.