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The Training Program

CPE Students and Faculty Spring 2008

The Training Program

The CPE program focuses on the development of self-awareness, formation of pastoral identity, professional functioning and the ability to address issues from a competent clinical and pastoral perspective.

The residency program is designed for the ordained person with a seminary degree and at least one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education. On occasion, a lay person may qualify for admission. CPE residents and interns serve as ecumenical chaplains, under supervision, to assigned areas throughout Peninsula Regional Medical Center and clinics. The setting provides a rich base for clinical experience and opportunities for continued personal, professional and pastoral development.

The Basic CPE Program

Basic CPE is professional education for ministry that focuses on the formation of one's identity as a pastoral care giver and the development of basic pastoral care abilities.

The Advanced CPE Program

Advanced CPE is continuing clinical education. It is for those who have achieved a heightened level of personal awareness, pastoral formation and professional development, and who desire continuous education in ministry and pastoral care specialization. Professional competency, in such areas as chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, congregational ministry, ministry to specific age groups and ministry to special life situations and pastoral supervision in non-CPE ministry settings, is the focus. Students exercise greater autonomy, provide more input to their CPE curriculum and function more independently as chaplains.

Specialization offerings in Pastoral Care include:

  • Addictions & Substance Abuse
  • Group Leadership
  • Hospice Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Trauma/ED
  • Specialized Care
  • Oncology
  • Pastoral Care Administration
  • Workplace Chaplaincy

While pastoral care is the focus of the Advance CPE specialization, the curriculum in several of the specializations listed incorporates partial credentialing requirements for licensing or certification by professional organizations.

Part Time Supervisory CPE Program

Supervisory CPE is for those who demonstrate personal, theological and professional competence and who desire to learn the craft of supervising and teaching clinical pastoral education through development of competence in the areas of personal growth, the CPE process, individual supervision, group supervision, program management and personal and professional integration of theology, including their identity as a clinical pastoral educator.


  1. CPE Extended Residency Program - September through May
  2. Part-Time Evening Program - September through May
  3. Full-Time Summer Program - 11-12 weeks
  4. Supervisory CPE Program

CPSP standards hold that each CPE unit will be no less than 400 hours of supervised learning per unit of training.  The CPE curriculum is composed of both seminars and clinical work.