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Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer Rehabilitation

Peninsula Regional Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation services offers skilled professionals who recognize the need to address the disabling impairments associated with cancer treatment.  We work to help restore the cancer survivor's optimum level of physical health and maximize quality of life. 

With the progress made in cancer detection and treatments, many patients are involved in treatments over several months.  Through the stages of diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing evaluation, management of the disease should involve physical as well as medical issues.  At Peninsula Regional Medical Center, the patient's quality of life and ability to cope with the disease and its treatment are viewed as important elements. 

Our licensed clinicians offer a wide range of services for the cancer survivor including:

  • Physical therapy - therapeutic strategies including flexibility, strengthening, reconditioning, debilitation risk reduction, postural retraining, pain management, manual therapy and balance training.
  • Occupational therapy - energy conservation strategies, adaptive equipment recommendations and therapeutic activities to enhance activities of daily living.
  • Speech-language pathology - therapy to address swallowing disorders and the quality/tone of the voice following cancer treatment.  This may include fitting for a voice prosthesis or therapy with an electronic device for speech.
  • Lymphedema Management Services - manual lymph drainage and complete decongestive therapy.  One to one treatment with a certified lymphedema therapist to reduce pain and swelling as a result of cancer surgery and/or radiation.  Massage, exercise, compression and education for self management are emphasized. (Located in Peninsula Wound & Hyperbaric Center)

For more information, call 410-543-7069 or 1-866-9CANCER (922-6237).