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Labor Techniques Checklist

Following these suggestions can be useful during your stages of labor.  These suggestions may help you cope with the discomforts of labor and even shorten the experience.  Be flexible and open to suggestions; not all work for everyone.

Early Labor
- Eat light snacks
- Get plenty of rest
- Drink water or juices
- Walk
- Stay at home until contractions are about 5 minutes apart / or as physician directed

Active Labor and Transition
- Change positions (stand, walk, squat, hands & knees, kneel, slow dance, sit, lie on your side)
- Use Breathing Exercises
- Relax-play cards or games or listen to music
- Massage
- Practice Visualization
- Use a Birth Ball  
- Practice Vocalization
- To cope with nausea use flavored ice, warmer liquids, cold cloths and/or brush teeth

Back Labor
- Change positions (try squatting, hands and knees, kneeling, leaning, slow dance or the birth ball)
- Practive pelvic tilt
- Lunge
- Use heat and cold - rice socks used for heat
- Try counter pressure
- Use double hip squeeze

Long Labor
- Try different suggestions, especially those for back labor
- Rest; your partner may need rest also
- Stay hydrated and nourished; same for your support team 
- Think positively-Hang in there!

Positions for Pushing
- Squatting (side of bed, chair)
- Semi-sitting
- Side-lying
- Hands and knees
- Forward-leaning