Peninsula Regional Medical Center - Part of Peninusula Regional Health System

Health Care Provider Descriptions

Hospitalist - Your hospitalist is a physician who spends most of his or her professional time caring for patients who are admitted to Peninsula Regional Medical Center.  He or she is an inpatient internal medicine specialist who does not maintain an outpatient or office-based medical practice. Our Hospitalist group consists of internal medicine, primary care and pediatric specialists. They form a highly qualified team dedicated to providing the best medical care.

MD (Allopathic Physician) - MD's are medical doctors who treat disease and injury using counteractive methods. They use modern laboratory science, the prescribing of chemical drugs and surgery as routine approaches to care. They are very good at managing trauma, acute bacterial infections, medical and surgical emergencies and similar crisis situations.

DO (Osteopathic Physician) - DO's practice all branches of medicine and surgery, but they emphasize the importance of the musculoskeletal system, holistic medicine, proper nutrition and environmental factors in maintaining good health. Osteopaths use a hands-on approach to medicine and frequently manipulate or palpate as part of diagnosis and treatment.

PA-C (Physician Assistant) - PA's are certified health care extenders who work under the direction and supervision of physicians. They provide routine diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative care.

CRNP (Nurse Practitioner) - NP's are registered nurses who have advanced education and clinical training in a health care specialty area.  Nurse Practitioners work with people of all ages and their families, providing information people need to make informed decisions about their health care and lifestyle choices.  They provide routine diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative care.