Peninsula Regional Medical Center - Part of Peninusula Regional Health System

Board of Directors


Peninsula Regional Medical Center Foundation

Board of Directors

December 2013 

Nevins W. Todd, Jr., MD (Honorary Board Member)
Alice Ayers
Tiffany Beach (not pictured)
Todd Burbage, Treasurer
Anna Bushnell (not pictured)

Conworth Dayton-Jones, MD

Gary Desjardins
Ronald Forsythe, PhD (not pictured)
Kerry Garman (not pictured)
  Palmer Gillis, Asst. Secretary
Michael Guerrieri, Asst. Treasurer
Heather Hammond
David Harkins
 Cynthia Holloway (not pictured)
Bryan LeCompte
Virginia Malone
William McCain (not pictured)
Hugh McLaughlin (not pictured)
Leighton Moore, Chairperson
  David Nagy, MD (not pictured)
  David Orem
Scott Phillips (not pictured)
David W. Rommel, Vice Chairperson
Tony Sposato (not pictured)
John Stern, Jr.
Gregory Tawes (not pictured)
William C. Todd, MD
Phyllis Vinyard
Susan Wilgus-Murphy (not pictured)
Joanne Young, Secretary
M. Denise Billing, Esq., Foundation President