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Thoracic Oncology Center

Thoracic Oncology Program
The Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute at Peninsula Regional Medical Center offers a weekly comprehensive Thoracic Oncology Clinic to evaluate patients with lung and esophageal masses. A team of specialists with extensive experience in treating these cancers sees these patients.  This multidisciplinary team includes:

•·        Thoracic surgeons
•·        Pulmonologists
•·        Medical oncologists
•·        Radiation oncologists
•·        Nurse practitioner
•·        Social worker
•·        Patient navigator
•·        Nutritionist
•·        Pulmonary rehabilitation specialist

Patients are referred by their primary care provider and are seen in the clinic to enable rapid diagnosis of cancer or other disorders.  After diagnosis, patients meet with team members to create an individualized plan of cancer treatment, which may include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. All of these treatment modalities are offered at Peninsula Regional Medical Center. 

Other members of the multidisciplinary team assist patients in dealing with serious illness, obtaining financial assistance, improving physical status and quality of life, and finding resources in the community.

Comprehensive tobacco cessation counseling is also provided.  Quitting smoking is an important part of a comprehensive plan to prevent or to treat cancer.  Patients undergoing cancer treatment respond better to treatment and have fewer treatment-related side effects if they quit smoking.  Your local health department, the American Cancer Society and other agencies provide information and help to quit smoking.

On a weekly basis the multidisciplinary team meets to review patient information and discuss treatment plans. A pathologist and radiologist join the rest of the team for this meeting to assist in treatment planning.

Frequently asked questions about the Thoracic Oncology Program

1. What will happen at my first visit?
At the first visit, one or more of our specialists will talk with and examine you after reviewing your x-rays.  A recommendation will be made for diagnostic procedures or other types of follow-up.  Please allow adequate time for this visit so that a thorough evaluation may be completed.

2. Will I have a biopsy in the clinic?
Usually, a biopsy will be arranged for another date, as the procedure generally requires some preparation.  Occasionally, a needle biopsy will be done at the first visit if there is a mass on the skin or fluid in the lung that is easily accessible.

3. Do I need a referral from my insurance company?
If your health insurance requires a referral to see a specialist then you will need a referral for this visit.  Please call 410-543-7012 if you have any questions about referrals.

For information about the Thoracic Oncology Program please call (410) 543-7012, (410) 543-7551 or 1-866-9CANCER (922-6237).