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Patient Navigation Program

What are Patient Navigators?
The Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute at Peninsula Regional Medical Center has Patient Navigators who are health care professionals that work closely with patients and their families from the moment a cancer diagnosis is given to the end of the treatment plan. Patient  Navigators combine the skills of nurses and social workers to assess patients' physical, emotional, social and economic situations. 

How can Patient Navigators help you and your family?

  • Help you to understand your cancer and your treatment
  • Provide education and answer questions
  • Communicate with physicians
  • Assure pain and nutritional needs are addressed
  • Provide information on support groups and counseling within the community
  • Help with practical matters such as transportation, home services and financial assistance
  • Offer emotional support
  • Make appointments
  • Provide information on management of treatment side effects
  • Be a familiar face and a shoulder to lean on throughout your care

Let us help you through this difficult time.  Call a Patient Navigator at 410-543-7000 or 1-866-9CANCER (922-6237).

Tina Collier
Breast Center

Kathy Foxwell
Breast Navigator