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Cancer and Nutrition Therapy

 Cancer and Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition is extremely important for those undergoing cancer treatments.  Eating well during treatment helps your body and immune system recover.  Healthy foods, especially those high in protein and calories, help you maintain your weight.  This improves your strength and energy levels and may reduce treatment side effects. Your registered dietitian can answer your questions and help you build a nutrition plan that works for you.

Nutrition Side Effects of Cancer or Cancer Therapies

Commonly described side effects include:

•·         Food may taste unpleasant or "funny"

•·         Feeling of fullness, even when you have not eaten

•·         Feeling sick after your treatments

•·         Diarrhea

•·         Constipation

•·         Sores in your mouth or trouble eating because of mouth problems

•·         Feeling very tired

•·         Weight loss because you are not eating enough

•·         Swelling in the arms and sometimes the legs

Please remember that not everyone will experience these symptoms.  These are the common treatment side effects that typically pose challenges to good nutrition.  Registered dietitians are knowledgeable about making food choices that are right for you.   They will make suggestions to help lessen the side effects that may be affecting your nutritional status.

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